What high paying career should I choose in Singapore?

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Singapore is one of the most stable global economies in the world. Many US & European MNCs like to base their regional headquarters in Singapore due to favorable tax structures and ease of doing business in general.

One issue many expats have with working in Singapore though, is the cost of living. To give you a general idea:

  • A new family car can easily cost more than a 100,000 USD (and you have to scrap it after 10 years).
  • What about a new, less than 400cc motorcycle? More than 15,000 USD.
  • A 5 room public housing apartment can easily cost half a million USD.

Obviously, salary packages in Singapore can get really high for some jobs. Before you leave your current job to jump to Singapore, lets look at five jobs in Singapore that pay really well.

5 High Paying Jobs In Singapore:

1.) Specialist Medical Practitioner

In Singapore a specialist medical practitioner or surgeon in even a small hospital can average a monthly salary of about S$20,000 or more. As you gain the years of experience, this number increases exponentially. Becoming a specialist will require an extensive amount of education and training (both time and cost) but can be well worth it when you are making over S$240,000 a year.

2.) An Advocate Or Solicitor

Lawyers in Singapore can choose to perform duties as either an advocate or a solicitor. The average monthly salary for these types of lawyers is close to S$18,000 which averages to about S$200,000 a year. You do not need to be an advocate or solicitor lawyer in Singapore but your salary will be a significant amount less that those who choose one of these areas. Marine law & contract law are popular niches in Singapore. Criminal law however is usually not as lucrative, but defense counsels can easily expect to bring back S$7000 or more a month within the first 2 or 3 years.

3.) CEO Or Managing Director

If you are looking for somewhere to relocate and you have experience as a CEO you may want to search out some job positions in Singapore. The average monthly income for CEO’s in Singapore is often over S$15,000 a month. Each company will have a different structure and system in place to dictate the specific jobs duties of the CEO and the size of the company will have an effect on the amount you can expect to get paid. But, even small companies can sometimes offer up to S$180,000 in yearly income.

4.) University Lecturer

A university Lecture will require you obtaining a master’s degree in your chosen field of specialty. University lecturers with high academic qualifications can make close to S$120,000 a year. Even university lecturers with limited work experience can make a handsome income with part-time courses in private schools.

5.) Minister

If you manage to get into the political field of Singapore you can expect to be paid a substantial amount of money. Most Ministers in Singapore bring in an average monthly salary that is close to S$90,000, making them some of the best paid ministers in the World! The best way to begin your efforts to become a Minister in Singapore is to join one of the military services (all of which also pay pretty well). Many of the current and past Ministers have come from the army, air force or navy. As a minister you can make close to S$1,000,000 a year or more depending on your portfolio. If you have your eyes set on becoming Prime Minister you can look at making twice as much. The current Prime Minister of Singapore has a monthly salary of over S$180,000.

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