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Decidophobia is an actual fear of making decisions. Now of course, this is a very extreme condition that you probably don’t have…. at least not all time. You see – the reality we have to accept is that many of us have difficulties in making decisions at some point of time in our lives or the other. Regardless of how educated, strong willed, practical, pragmatic, intelligent, cold or calculated you are, at some point of time you would have faltered in making some decision, for SURE.

But that is not a problem! After all, it’s not a problem to think before you leap & the man (or woman) who hesitates is not always lost.

The problem is the fear that comes with having to make some decisions. Decisions shape our future, but are often made based on lessons learned in the past. Although it is said that one must learn from one’s mistakes (or the mistakes of others) and that history should not repeat itself – the circumstances of the past, the present and the future may well be very different. For example, it might have been a great idea to pursue a career in the oil & gas industry in 2010, but pity the freshly graduated fool that tries to break into that market in 2017.

But what if you made that decision, and thus today you find yourself jobless & nose deep in debt? Don’t beat yourself up over it. Stop. Reevaluate the options – then make the next best possible move, based on the information that you now know. I know that’s what you did in the past, and it may not have worked out very well, but I’m sure it worked for you most of the time, just not all the time. In fact, surely not all time. For it to work ALL the time – you’d have to be some sort of prophet. Then you wouldn’t be on this site now would you?

So why do some people seem to make the right decisions all the time? Well believe it or not, they probably used the same decision making method as you – they made the best decision they could based on what they knew at the time.

They just knew better.

But you think you are a frog in a well that knows way too little. But you still want to make better decisions? I hear you. So do I.

So you owe it to yourself to take the time to prepare yourself to sort out your next move. Don’t simply rely on the information you know now, or the mistakes you made in the past, or the mistakes that someone else made. Go out and find out more about the World around you. Find out what the oil & gas industry’s financial cycle is like, and where it is now and where it probably will be when you enter the workforce, before your next big exotic adventure holiday, check trip reviews of respected travel advisors before you book your flight to the middle of nowhere or find yourself cowering from artillery fire, or speak to a counselor before you really decide if you really really want to divorce your not so better half or not.

In this day and age – for people who live in developed countries and for many who live in developing countries… not being able to find out the information you need to make a decision, is not a good excuse. You literally could build a spaceship to fly you off this planet with the information you could find for free on the Internet (I haven’t tried it, I’m sure it is possible, but maybe I exaggerate a little – I’m just trying to make a point.)

Anyway in the meantime, we at www.randomdecisionmaker.com are glad to have you here, using our app, sharing how awesome it is with friends, your enemies and strangers.

God Bless You, my friend.