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Random Decision Maker for Quick & Easy Decisions!

Decision making applications have come a long way since simple Yes and No buttons, coin tosses and spinner wheels. Since its inception in 2014, our easy to use random decision making app (we lovingly refer to it as the RDM app) has grown popular and today is used by folks from all over the world to make all sorts of day to day choices.

The inspiration behind the development of our app was the need to create a tool for sufferers of decidophobia. We wanted to create something that would enable folks to make easy decisions quickly by randomly generating a choice from a set of user determined selection options. The tool would allow them to get on with their lives more efficiently.

Sure, they could get along fine with a coin toss or Yes No button application but what if there were more than 2 selection options? We needed something better that would work for more complex situations.


Decidophobia is an actual fear of making decisions or choices. Now, of course, this is a very extreme condition that you probably don’t have…. at least not all time. You see – the reality we have to accept is that many of us have difficulties in making decisions at some point of time in our lives or the other. Regardless of how educated, strong willed, practical, pragmatic, intelligent, cold, and/or calculated you are, at some random point of time in the past you would have faltered in making some decision, for SURE.

But that is not a problem! After all, it’s not a problem to think before you leap & the man/woman who hesitates is not always lost.

The problem is the fear that comes with having to make some decisions. Decision anxiety is real for many people. Decisions and choices made shape our future, but are often made based on lessons learned in the past. It is often said that one must learn from one’s mistakes (or better still – the mistakes of others!) and that one should also not allow bad history to repeat itself – however, the circumstances of the past, the present and the future may well be very different. For example, it might have been a great idea to pursue a career in the oil & gas industry in 2010, but pity the freshly graduated fool that tries to break into that market in 2017.

But what if you already made that decision, and thus today you find yourself jobless & nose deep in debt? Don’t beat yourself up over it. Stop. Reevaluate the options – then make the next best possible move, based on the information that you now know. I know that’s what you did in the past, and it may not have worked out very well, but I’m sure it worked for you most of the time, just not all the time. In fact, surely not all time. For it to work ALL the time – you’d have to be some sort of prophet. Then you wouldn’t have to be on this site, would you?

So why do some people seem to make the right decisions all the time? Well, believe it or not, they probably used the same decision making method as you – they made the best decision they could based on what they knew at the time.

They just knew better at the time of making the decisions they made and taking the actions they took.

But perhaps you think you are a frog in a well that knows way too little. But you still want to make better decisions? I hear you. So do I. In fact, so do we all.

So you owe it to yourself to take the time to prepare yourself to sort out your next move.

Don’t simply rely on the information you know now, or the mistakes you made in the past, or the mistakes that someone else made. Go out and find out more about the world around you. Find out what the oil & gas industry’s financial cycle is like, and where it is now, and where it probably will be when you enter the workforce, before your next big exotic adventure holiday, check trip reviews of respected travel advisors before you book your flight to the middle of nowhere or find yourself cowering from artillery fire, or speak to a counselor before you really decide if you really, really want to divorce your not so better half or not for perhaps the not so better half is not your partner.

In this day and age – for people who live in developed countries and for many who live in developing countries… not being able to find out the information you need to make a decision, is really not a good excuse. You literally could build a spaceship to fly you off this planet with the information you could find for free on the Internet (I haven’t tried it, I’m sure it is possible, but maybe I exaggerate a little – I’m just trying to make a point.)

Decision making can be discussed at length academically as well, with a specific skill set supposedly giving additional benefits.

What skills does a decision maker have?

  • Being able to identify the significant considerations that will influence the results of a decision taken
  • Being able to analyze and define the actual options
  • Predict the consequence of pursuing each option with data-driven assumptions
  • Manage and mitigate risks and making logical assumptions where necessary
  • Apply logic and rational thinking to situations are required

What are the ways you can make decisions differently?

  1. You can frame a situation differently. This can mean revisiting aspects of the problem that you might not have considered thoroughly before. You could try to use abstract thinking to view the problem from a different perspective.
  2. Seek advise or guidance from people who have probably been in similar situations before and managed them well or successfully.
  3. Avoid being arrogant or overconfident and assuming that you know everything there is to know about a problem on hand. Explore aspects of the problem that you did not think were important previously.
  4. Take a break from attempting to make a decision then come back to the problem at a later date.
  5. Consider for an opinion from somehow you usually disagree with.
  6. Avoid analysis paralysis. If the people around you start telling you that you are thinking about something too much, you probably are.
  7. Avoid grinding ideas again and again just to convince yourself they make sense. Manage your mental health by not repeatedly sweating about decisions you are about to make and going through them again and again.

Take me back to the RDM App !

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Our application’s design schematic.

How to use this easy decision maker app

There are a gazillion different ways for you to use this app:

Yes or No Tarot decision maker:

Yes and No button & coin toss applications are an old-time, long-time favorite of choice making app users out there. All you need to do is input “Yes” as one choice and “No” as another choice into RDM’s options and you have your very own Yes No button application. You can also take it a step further by weighing the outcome if you so desire. For example, if you want to decrease the chances of a Yes appearing, you can include two “No” options instead of one.

Random name generator:

How often have you needed to randomly generate names for your newborn child? Almost never I’m sure, but if you do need that kind of app, you might want to head check out the vast collection of “Baby name” apps – there are many random boy and random girl name generators and a whole bunch of other random stuff generators online. But we bet you will eventually narrow down your choice to a handful of picks that you could not choose 1 out of! That’s where we come in. On our app, you can input the names you have on your mind and let our electronic wizard do the choosing for you. Though we must mention that we really do not recommend using a random decision maker for something as momentous as this. Perhaps talking this choice through with your loved ones is probably a better way to go about it.

Random decision wheel:

This is a popular one that replaces the spinning wheel at parties! In fact, our app is better than a simple spinner wheel since you can input any outcome you like on every turn.

On our app, you can input several silly acts like:

1. Sing a nursery rhyme

2. Call up a neighbor and tell him/her that he/she is your best friend

3. Act like a cat in public

4. Act like a parrot and repeat everything your mother says to you

5. Call your local pizza delivery and tell the person taking your order you want to eat noodles

Then get a group of friends together and start a game of truth or dare – letting the random decision making app determine the dare choices for you! Our app spits out a purely random outcome with no bias. This way, there is a fair chance that everybody gets hit with a nasty dare to accomplish and no hidden alliances protect anybody.

Hot tip – If you input the names of the players, the app can replace a spinning bottle!

Random comment or response choice maker:

Sometimes in life, we need to respond to a text from someone but we really don’t know what’s best to say. So we think about it and type and delete and type and delete and type and delete. The person on the other end is waiting eagerly and anxiously for your epic text since you are taking so long but in the end, that person gets a 2-word response like “ok thanks”. In those situations where multiple responses would work – let our app make the difficult decision for you!

Spin the wheel for prizes:

Wheels of fortune are popular at kid’s parties. Using our app, you can screencast a mobile device and input the prizes as options thereby creating an alternative to a custom spinner wheel. Allowing the app to pick the outcome replaces the act of spinning the decision wheel. The best part is this works really well for young kids who may not have the strength or dexterity to move an actually spinner. All they need is the strength and finger control required to tap “Choose for Me” on the mobile screen!

Username choice maker:

This is another popular use for RDM! So many games, so many new gamers and so many opportunities to reinvent yourself each time.

Yes, you need a new username each time, don’t you? Or do you simply recycle old usernames like old passwords?

Well whatever you prefer, our app makes it easy to select a new username from a bunch of names you really like. There are a ton of username generators out there. But whoever runs them once and goes with the first name to pop up? That’s right – almost no one! What usually happens is that you run these apps a billion times and pick about 5 names you really like – then you get analysis paralysis and spend too much time thinking about your Gamertag than actual gaming. Well, not any more mates! All you have to do now is pop over our app and give it a go – there you have it, a decision made!

Here are a few other instances where this decision maker could be used…

1. Ever had trouble deciding what movie to watch?

2. Or perhaps you couldn’t figure out what to stuff your face with for lunch?

3. Stuck in a jam when you didn’t know who to invite for prom?

4. Now sure if a job change is good for your career?

5. Or are you miserable at home playing – she loves, she love me not?

6. Maybe you are not sure if you should re-use your wedding gown from a previous marriage?

7. Or you can’t figure out what color flavors you want at your reception dinner?

8. Sometimes cinemas have way too many good movies to choose from don’t you think?

9. Having to decide what color (or color) to dye your hair?

10. Need a game dice? Input numbers to the app and you can use it as a dice!

Fret not, my dear friend. For it is exactly for making these kinds of random decisions that we are here! Our app will help you through these choices, and don’t worry – we won’t judge you if you use our app to make these harrowing choices. We are the knight in shining armor that stands between you and the dragon of decision anxiety.

Help us to help you!

We made the Random Decision Making app and its blog for fun. And it has been fun. It still is fun actually. But we are a small team with day jobs and generally hectic lives to lead. You could help us out by spreading the word about our app to friends, family, and enemies.

1. When we make an awesome decision for you, screenshot the page and share it like there’s no tomorrow on all your social media platforms.

2. Tell your friends about us

3. Use our app to play party games!

4. Tell your neighbors about us

5. Print a banner with our URL and stick it on your roof or hang it on your balcony

6. Take that banner up on a helicopter and go around the world

Ok, maybe the last 2 suggestions were over the top. But we really don’t mind if you don’t.

Once again, God Bless you, dear stranger!