5 Decisions We Make at Random Every Day

What to wear

We all have more than one outfit in our closets, and most of the time we will have more than one clean outfit available to wear on any given day. We don’t wear the same clothes each day and yet somehow we make a random decision about what to wear without even thinking about it. Even if you try on 5 different outfits in the morning, you will eventually find one which you pick; otherwise, none of us would ever leave the house! These are often all clothes that we have worn before and will wear again and yet for some reason on some days we decide to wear one thing and on others, we wear something else.

What to have for breakfast

Breakfast options are limited to what we have in stock in the house or what is available from stores and cafés on the way to work or school. Most of us eat something for breakfast every day but we don’t necessarily have a routine. Even if we eat the same thing every single day we still make a random decision at some point about what that same breakfast food will be.

What to have for lunch

When you leave the office to buy your lunch it is so easy to tell the decisive people from the indecisive ones. The decisive lunch-goers will grab anything from the food display counter without even thinking about it. Often you can’t tell whether they make a random decision or if they had already planned their choice in advance, but what you can see is that they waste no time whatsoever in picking up their chosen item, paying and leaving. The less decisive among us will spend ages browsing all of the options before we eventually make a decision.

How to greet people

Most of the time we don’t even think about what comes out of our mouth when we say hi to someone each day. You might say ‘hello’, ‘hey’, ‘hi’, ‘morning’, ‘how’s it going’ or any number of other greetings, but in a split second your brain will make a random decision about what to say before you can stop to think about it. You won’t even think of it as an active process and yet it happens every time you see someone you know. It’s amazing the number of decisions that we make every single day without even realizing that we are doing it.

How to spend your evenings

You may have planned to go to dinner with a friend or stay in and cook something to eat in front of the TV. The truth is that there are hundreds and hundreds of options that we could choose from every single evening to decide how we spend our free time after work or school. You may choose to relax with a glass of wine and your favorite show or head out to the movies with your best friend.

Every time you choose what to do you are automatically turning down hundreds of other possibilities about what to do without even knowing.