A Randomly Made Decision

Hello! I’m Robert a proficient and competent writer with 5 years writing experience, I have worked for both big and small firms all around the world. I am an employee in one of the biggest oil companies in Canada working for them as a content writer.

I have written articles for popular blogs, websites and magazine and 99% of them did appreciate my job because I always strive to deliver quality and not quantity. Being a proficient writer, I was supposed to be paid well for the services I’m rendering this company, but it didn’t go well the way I anticipated it would.

I was paid $1,000 per month and yet I see other writers who I am more qualified than get paid up to $5,000 per month, and some of them are workers in small firms. I work in a big firm and the quantity of articles I write per day is too much for a person receiving $1,000 per month.

What can I do? Should I quit my job? No I can’t quit my job because they are lots of unemployed youths out there and I can’t afford to be among them. While surfing the internet I accidentally stumbled on Fiverr.com and found some friends that are currently offering writing service to maximize their income. Instantly I created an account and started offering a writing service on Fiverr.com to also maximize my income, this was a randomly made decision but yet it was one of the most life changing decisions I’ve made so far.

What happened to my job? Did I quit my job? I didn’t quit my job; I am still working for this big oil firm as their content writer and at the same time working on Fiverr, thus maximizing my income. This decision was a decision I made accidentally and randomly but am happy I did made the right decision by chance.

I am currently earning more than $5,000 now and I can quit my job anytime soon if I want to.

Which is why I tell all my friends… a decision I made randomly is the secret behind the success I have achieved so far.