Can I Use Tarot Cards to Make Yes and No Decisions?

Man’s curiosity has always taken him to seek guidance from mysterious sources, including astrology, numerology, and tarot reading. Tarot card reading is reliable to get the answers to all those questions that are occupying your mind for quite some time.

The quest for learning is not confined to a time when you are confused or desperate or looking to make a decision for the future. Instead, it is also an opportunity to better your actions by taking a psychic reader’s help to direct you towards better decision making and improve your quality of life.

In this digital era, everything is just a click away from you. A significant number of online tarot readings sites are offering their services to provide you with a profound insight into your life including advising you on your everyday life, love, relationships, career, and spiritual realms.

The one common question that often pops up in everyone’s mind is

“Can I use tarot cards to make yes or no decisions?”

The reply to this question is undoubtedly a big yes. Although the experienced psychic readers do not recommend relying on such sort of questions but to decide your course of action, these pesky yes\no questions become unavoidable to ask sometimes. But nothing to worry about as tarot cards spread hold answer to everything.

Yes and No Tarot Spreads

Yes\no is all about decision making. These tarot spreads are the translation of your questions to assist you in making a coherent decision before putting your hands into something.

These short spreads are not the flat yes\no replies; instead, these are the productive breakdown aspects of your choices. You might not get the answer that you want. E.g. you are expecting a yes to come, but the spread indicates no.

Supporting & opposing factors

In life, nothing is really white and black. So when spreading your tarot cards for yes or no answers, consider supporting and opposing factors to get a better understanding of things.

Adding a support mix in the cards becomes a must in yes\no scenario.

Mind, body, and spirit yes\no tarot spread

In case of should I questions, for building a bigger picture and getting your desired answer, the key is to align your mind, body and spirit into a unified self. Your goal is to grow and expand yourself, and for that being disciplined and preparing yourself to deal with every challenge is mandatory for attaining your goal.

Final Thoughts

Most of the times, we ask yes\no questions out of anxiety. It is natural to envision future scenarios to prepare yourself head-on for upcoming challenges.

Do not get terrified, if you do get an answer you wished for or get a negative outcome. Be wary of posing a worth answering question from the tarot spread. Looking for the only yes\no is not enough, you must include the guidance card too to clear your ambiguity and get the maximum benefit from your tarot spreads.