Can I Use Tarot Cards to Make Yes and No Decisions?

Man’s curiosity has always taken him to seek guidance from mysterious sources, including astrology, numerology, and tarot reading. Tarot card reading is reliable to get the answers to all those questions that are occupying your mind for quite some time. The quest for learning is not confined to a time when you are confused or … Read more

Decision Maker

Decision making is the process of thinking of a choice that may be rational or irrational. It is the most critical activity or task that plays a vital role in the process of planning. When someone’s plans, he or she takes various decisions to achieve definite goals. Decision refers to the election of a solo … Read more

Random Decision Making Algorithms

Random Decision Making Algorithms Nowadays, more and more modern methods are used to analyze the world. This field brings together many highly complex algorithms that enable scientists to predict behavior. This may sound a lot like science fiction, but it is now being applied in the real world, such as in our random decision making application. … Read more

Exploring the Decision Making Process

Interestingly, the human mind has certain predictable tendencies when involved in a decision making process. So of course – somewhere, in some big college dealing with some “science” like sociology or psychology, some professor has put together a curriculum teaching the “sciences” behind decision making. Apparently – the whole process of making a decision, whether … Read more