Decide If I Should Resign

If you really can’t decide whether or not you should resign then you should take a long hard look at your options. Making the decision to quit your job is a big one that will have an impact on your friends and family as well as you. You should take their opinions into consideration if they are going to be affected by your lack of employment.

If you are considering quitting your job at all then this is a sign that there is something that you are not happy about in your working life. You need to work out what this is and if you can make a reliable and informed decision about whether or not to quit your job. If you are bored continuously and dread the idea of going to work, then it may be time to move on to do something else. But, getting a new job might not be the easiest task in the world. The current economic climate does not make it very easy to find a new job immediately. If you resign then you could spend months hunting for another employment opportunity, depending on the sector in which you work.

Do you have another job lined up? If you have had another job offer, then the decision you have to make will be a very different one. You should weigh up the pros and cons of staying in your current job and taking the new one. Will the new job give you more spare time to spend with your friends and family? Will it give you a higher salary which will help you to be more financially stable? Will it make you happier on a day to day basis? These are all questions which you will need to answer before making the decision to stay in your current job or to resign and take up the new one.

If you don’t have another job immediately lined up then you should make sure that you and your family can afford a period of financial uncertainty. If you have some money saved up for emergencies like these, and you would still be able to afford to pay your rent and other bills whilst unemployed then resigning might not be a bad idea. If you cannot afford to do this then you should really spend your spare time looking for a new job before you resign from the current one, otherwise, you will be in a worse position than you currently are, no matter how much you hate your job.

If you have really weighed up all of the pros and cons, if you have sat down and looked at the consequences of both choosing to stay in your current job and quitting to find a new one, then it might be time to consult a random decision maker app to make the decision for you. But you should only do this if you are really finding making the decision yourself completely impossible. Consult the opinions of friends and family and use the random decision making application as a last resort.