Decide If I Should Take That New Job

Humans are not designed to like change, and many of us really don’t deal with it that well. However, sometimes it is the only way to move onwards and upwards in life. If making a change and taking a new job could make you much happier and put you in a better financial situation, then you shouldn’t let an unwillingness to change prevent you from making the most of this opportunity. But before you make the decision, there are several things which you should consider to make sure that you make the right choice for you.

If you are leaving, or have left, your last job because it was no longer interesting you or making you feel valued as an employee, then perhaps you need to think about the job satisfaction that the new job will give you. You should try and work out what your daily duties would include if you make the decision to take the new job, and what a typical day might look like. If you can see yourself performing these tasks on a daily basis and enjoying what you are doing, then the new job is probably a very good idea. If you can’t see yourself enjoying these things then you need to think about whether the rest of the things the job has to offer will make it worth it.

If money is an issue and you are finding it difficult to make ends meet, then taking a new job (higher paying) would be a good way of solving your money problems, at least in the short run. If the new job involves taking a pay cut then you should seriously consider whether or not you can afford to do this. If taking a pay cut now will lead to you having more earning potential in the future then perhaps you should make the decision to take that new job. If you are currently unemployed, and this new job isn’t quite what you had been hoping for, perhaps you could take it for now and then quit if something better comes along, at least then you will be earning in the meantime.

If you are looking for a job that will take up less of your time outside of office hours, then you need to make sure that the new job you have been offered will deliver on this. If your previous job wasn’t letting you spend much time with your friends and family, and this is something that you would like to change, you should really consider the commitment that you would be facing if you make the decision to take the new job. Will they require you to work evenings and weekends? Will you regularly have to bring work home from the office? Will you be able to take days off if you need to? Would you be able to work from home to see more of your kids? These are all questions which you should know the answers to before you make the decision to take the new job.