Decide Who to Invite to the Dance

Dancing is one of the most invigorating ways of expressing ourselves. It is something that anyone can do, regardless of their age or background. It doesn’t matter whether you are good at it or not, there is always room for improvement and it is always about simply enjoying yourself. While dances can be attended alone, it is far more common to go with someone; this, of course, always creates the issue of who to take and who do you ask to help you decide?

Firstly it will be necessary to think about the type of dance you are going to. There are many different ones: formal, celebration, family occasion, school dance or the local ball. The type of dance you are going to might change how you make a decision about who to take. Some dances will require a much higher standard of dancing than others, so you may need to consider who would be the best dance partner. Others are more about arriving with someone, and it wouldn’t matter whether or not that person could dance, as long as they are there to give you confidence and security.

The best people to invite are the ones who make you feel as though you are the only person in the room; the ones who will dance the night away with you and it will not matter whether either of you can dance as you are lost in the moment. This could be someone you love, a spouse or partner, or someone you hope to build a relationship with in the future. Close friends are also great people to invite to the dance as you know that you will be able to have fun together with no expectations of it leading to anything more.

Peer pressure can play a huge part in how you make a decision. It is natural to want your friends to approve or get along with your choice of date. They may already know the person and approve, or they may wish to invite them themselves – this can cause an issue between friends that you may need help in deciding if it is worth it. It might be more important to you to have every eye in the room looking at you; marveling at you and your partner’s dancing skills, in which case the person to invite just needs to be an amazing dancer!

At the end of the day, whoever you choose needs to be the person who is going to make the night even more special. Dances are great fun and can be amazing occasions to meet new people and just have a really good time. Whoever you decide to take with you must be sure to make this night even better, either by impressing everyone with their dancing skills or by helping you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

It becomes obvious that there are many factors to consider and that it is usually best, before making a random decision, to consult those you trust for advice. After listening to the advice of your friends, it is equally as important to follow your heart, to choose the person who you know you will enjoy spending the evening with, however it turns out.