Decide What Movie to Watch

Deciding which movie to watch is not always as straightforward as you might expect. If you are watching it on your own then you want to make sure that it is interesting or entertaining enough to keep you hooked right the way to the end. If you are trying to please different members of a group then sometimes making a random decision is the best way to avoid hours of deliberation. However, if you do this then at least one person is likely to be bored or unhappy with the decision made.

If you are trying to choose which movie to watch on a date then making a random decision might not be the best idea. You need to find a movie which both of you like. If it is a first or second date then a shared love of a movie could be something that brings you together, so it is important to choose wisely.

Deciding which movie you should watch becomes much easier if you start by thinking about what type of movie you would like to see. If you know that you want to watch something funny or something scary then you automatically reduce the number of movies you have to look through to find one that you want to watch. There are thousands and thousands of movies out there, so any way in which you can think to narrow down your search before you begin will help you out enormously.

Comedies are usually a good starting place if you are looking to meet the needs of people of different genders and ages. A sad movie can often be divisive in groups as some people will end up upset and crying, while others will be totally unaffected. Some people can feel uncomfortable displaying their emotions in front of others, so watching a sad movie could upset them in more ways than one.

Horror movies are great to watch in groups as people tend to feel much less scared when they have their friends and family around them. If you feel like you are in a safe place and are protected by people you know then you are much less likely to be terrified by what you see on screen. Having conversations with real people while the movie is playing helps you to distinguish between fiction and reality and it is proven that those watching horror movies in groups are much less likely to have nightmares afterward.

A lot of us are often unwilling to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. We know the sort of movies that we like and tend to always watch movies that fit into a few particular categories. Using a random decision maker to pick a movie can be a really good way to find something new to enjoy. By using an app to pick a movie totally at random you could fall in love with a genre or type of movie that you would never have picked otherwise. If you’re feeling brave then it’s a great way to increase the number of films you watch and to branch out into new and interesting genres.