Fiverr gigs don’t become successful at random

There are a plethora of individuals who currently offer services on Fiverr but yet they don’t get sales. The truth is always bitter but one has to spell it all out clearly, Fiverr gigs don’t become successful at random. The success of a Fiverr gig starts from the setup of the Fiverr account, in this piece of writing I will outline all the tips on how create and promote a Fiverr gig to become successful.

Tips on how to ensure your gig becomes successful

  • Creating the gig properly

This is one of the mistakes that majority of Fiverr newbie’s are currently making, you do know that there are lots of sellers currently offering the services you intend to create a gig on; so you should try your possible best to stand out among these sellers.

Your gig should have a nice, catchy and short description because most web surfers including buyers are lazy to read a page filled with write up; that’s the reason you should make your gig description short and catchy.

Create a unique and attractive image for your gig, this will draw buyer’s attention, make them check out your services and they might even place an order on your gig.

  • Offer money back guarantees

This will increase the number of orders you get because most buyers on Fiverr won’t want to invest in a service that money back isn’t guaranteed. They believe every competent seller on Fiverr should be confident enough to offer them money back guarantees.

  • Create and add a video to your gig

Creating a video increase your chances of getting massive orders, this is just similar with writing a long description. Most people don’t like reading write up but they prefer watching video presentations. This will ensure you don’t lose buyers, it’s a win win situation for you because you will get buyers that love reading description and at the same time buyers that love visual presentations.

  • Promoting your gigs

Promotion is another sure way to get traffic to your gigs and increase sales; the only place I focus on in terms of promotion is Facebook, but many others sellers focus on blogs commenting, twitter, forum and video sharing sites as their source of promotion. With all this tips creating a gig that will become successful on Fiverr won’t be a problem at all.

This post was written by a successful Fiverr gigger… take my word for it.. or don’t.