Help me decide if this a good idea

Whenever you need help to make a random decision, the fact that you are questioning whether or not it is a good idea suggests that there is evidence that it is both good and bad. Or at least that it could be considered good by some people and bad by others. What you need to do is to sit down and work out whether the bad outweighs the good, or whether the good outweighs the bad.

Think about the future impacts of your decision. Something could seem like a fantastic idea now and may work in your favor in the short run but it could have disastrous consequences in the future. If this is the case, you need to work out whether or not the benefits that you will experience now are worth the future repercussions. If you can’t think of any ways in which the decision could come back to haunt you in the future then chances are that it isn’t as bad an idea as you think it is. It also could work the other way round. Making the decision now could make things more difficult in the short term, but could lead to excellent opportunities in the future. Again, you will need to work out whether the difficulties which you will experience now are worth what you will get out of the decision in the future.

Remember that just because you are the one who needs to make a random decision, it doesn’t mean that you are the only one who will be affected by your actions. If what you decide will have a negative impact on someone else’s life then it is probably not a good idea. Talk it through with them if they are going to be affected by what you choose.

In situations like this, your instincts are usually right. If you have a nagging feeling that something bad will happen if you make this decision, then that probably stems from truth. If it is a topic which you can discuss with your friends and family then you should ask them for their advice on the matter. They will know you best and will be able to tell you whether or not they think that it is a good or a bad idea.

If you can’t talk to them about it, then you need to consider the reasons why you don’t want to discuss it with them. If you think that they might be angry with you, or might think that it is a bad idea, then perhaps you shouldn’t do it. If it is because you are organizing a surprise for them, or you don’t want them to know about it just yet, then maybe you should talk it through with someone who isn’t directly involved. Talking it through with someone you trust before you make a random decision will help you to work out how you really feel and what would be the best thing to do for everyone involved.