How to Choose a Wedding Dress

Possibly one of the most difficult decisions in a woman’s life is deciding on the right dress to wear on her wedding day. The day itself might be a once in a lifetime occasion but the photos and the memories will last much longer. Making the decision about which dress to choose cannot be taken lightly. For most women, this is the one day that all eyes will be on them and it will be very important to look their very best.

There are many different individual elements of the dress that need to be taken into consideration when you are making the decision about which one to buy. Will it be long or short? Will it be the traditional white or a different color? Do you want something intricate and fancy or something simple and understated? There are small independent shops and designers which produce unique, one-off designs and then there are the larger retailers – producing several dresses in the same style, not so unique but a much more affordable option for many.

Many brides-to-be will take their maid of honor with them to view and try on dresses. It is useful to have the opinion of a valued friend, someone to support the bride in her big decision. Of course, some brides have been planning this day since they were little and already know exactly what they want. If you are not one of these lucky ones, you need to start by making the smaller decisions first.

The color of the dress is the first main decision that you will have to make. White is, of course, the most traditional but wedding dresses now come in a huge variety of colors which you can choose from. Then a decision will need to be made on the style: big with hoops, with or without a long train, low cut or more conservative. Then you will need to think about the embroidery and extra details which you might want.

Once you have finally decided which dress you want then there are shoes and accessories to think about to make the perfect overall outfit. Most brides find it easiest to tackle each of these elements individually, rather than starting off by thinking about the dress as a whole. Breaking this important decision into a host of smaller decisions will make it far easier to handle.

Having decided on roughly the style of the dress, it will be time to assess where is most likely to sell the dress required at an affordable price. This might well be a high street dress store, but could just as easily be a small, independent boutique that will make the dress fit and advise on shoes and accessories.

Making this decision might take a while. Everyone will understand that you can’t necessarily just buy the first wedding dress you see. You need to pick something that you are completely happy with, and if making the decision is a lengthy process, then that really is OK. If you are not 100% sure whether or not to buy a dress, chances are that it is not the right one and you should carry on looking for one that you absolutely adore.