How to Choose Which TV Show to Watch

TV shows: So many choices, so little time. If you want get started with a TV show this year, here are a few tips to help you make a choice.

Read Descriptions and Reviews

You can find descriptions of programs on your TV or magazine. In addition, you can simply go online and read reviews of all shows, past and present. Descriptions will be helpful for new shows, while you will find in-depth reviews of old TV shows from both critics and general viewers.

Ask for Recommendations

Do your friends watch TV shows? Ask for recommendations. That way you will get a first-hand account of what the show is about. Maybe it relates to a similar situation that you experience personally or as a group. That will make it more interesting to watch and follow.

Choose Something That Provides Maximum Convenience

A good way of short-listing TV shows is to find ones that you can view with maximum ease, i.e. they are on TV as soon as you come back from work, and you just have to grab the remote and kick in your sofa.

Do Some Sampling

You can read all the reviews in the world, but you will never know what a program is like unless you actually start to watch it. So, tune in or stream a couple of shows and watch their pilot episodes. This is how TV executives decide which shows to air, and you can use the same approach to determine whether a show it worth your time or not.

Many TV channels, such as Fox, Disney, and TV Land also release full-length episodes on their official websites. Hence, you can get a preview of what a show is all about through these websites.

Go Random!

Finally, if you still have trouble finding a good TV series to commit yourself to, then go to the old school way of making decisions: randomness. Simply turn on your TV set and see what’s on. See what grabs your attention. Is it a science show, or a drama that takes you on an emotional roller coaster?

In addition, you can use the Random Decision Maker! app to choose between any 6 TV show titles. Some of the best TV shows of 2015 include Roadies, Ballers, The Walking Dead Spin-Off, and MaddAddam.

A lot of us are often unwilling to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. We know the sort of shows that we like and tend to always view titles that fit into a few particular categories. Using a random decision maker to pick a TV show can be a really good way to find something new to enjoy. By using an app to pick a TV series totally at random you could fall in love with a genre or type that you would never have picked otherwise. If you’re feeling brave, then it’s a great way to increase the number of titles you watch and to branch out into new and interesting genres.