How to Decide Which Business to Start

Budding entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for the next thing when it comes to business opportunities. It’s either they set up a new business, purchase a franchise or become a distributor. (Most people, however,  think about it,  talk about and dream about it but do nothing actually concrete about it at all.). Anyway,  I digress – Whatever path they take they don’t just make a random decision. Successful entrepreneurs actually take the time to understand the market and weigh the pros and cons of their decision before taking the plunge.

How Entrepreneurs Make Decisions Before Starting a Business

Entrepreneurs actually take several steps before they make a decision to ensure that they made the right choice.

Here are the steps they usually take when choosing a business.

First, jot down all the skills that you have acquired over the years, where you’ve used them, and what the results were. Study your list and choose the best two that you are good at and look up businesses that fit these skills.

Second, consider your hobbies and interests. Making a random decision when it comes to choosing a business may suit you at the beginning but once you’ve set up shop and realized that your interests lie elsewhere, you’ll be losing a lot of money not to mention time as well. Obviously, working to grow your business becomes a pain when you don’t quite like what you are doing. Knowing what your interests are and whether they are applicable to your skills is important when you make a decision. However, if you are simply entrepreneurial by nature – the challenge of setting a business up and growing it may be reason enough. It really does depend on you.

Third, start a business that is related to your interests and your skills. When learning how to decide which business is appropriate for you, taking your skills and interests into consideration is a must.

Fourth, conduct research on whether the business you have in mind is in demand and who your potential targets will be. How to decide whether to push through or not? Ask those who are already in the industry to give you insights about the business industry that you want to belong to.

Fifth, take advantage of the internet to conduct research on your niche, which shops are already on top of their game, and what other options you can provide so others will patronize your business.

Sixth, before you make a decision on whether to pursue the business you have in mind, send feelers in forums first. Ask questions, gain feedback, and from there analyze the data so you won’t be forced to make random decision with regards to your business.

These are just a few steps on how to decide what business to go for if you want to become your own boss. Pretty high level. I admit. But we followed these steps (at least in theory and spirit) when we set up this site.  Research. Research. Research. Since any business venture would require some investment of both time and money – it will not be easy to make a decision especially but by applying these steps, you won’t have to make uninformed decisions with regards to your business project – greatly reducing the possibility of failure and increasing the chance for long term success.