How to Make Random Decisions Fast

All of us have been in situations where we had to make random decisions fast. In an earlier random read, we discussed the importance of setting deadlines whenever you need to think of a solution. But while a deadline can force your brain to think faster for that specific episode, there are ways in which you can make it a habit to think faster whenever you need to make quick decisions.

Read on:

Take it Easy

While this may seem to contradict the whole purpose of thinking fast, the very first thing you need to do to make better decisions is to relax yourself. Otherwise your brain will become cluttered and you will not be able to think right. There are many habits that help you keep stress at bay in such situations, such as sleep and exercise. These have been discussed and previous posts.

Have the Courage to Take Action

Some people have the mental capabilities of making more good decisions and bad ones. However, not everyone is brave enough to act upon their decisions. So, whatever decision to take, be confident and just do it. In Random Reads, you will stumble upon the article on being comfortable with your random decisions.

Improve Memory with Repetition

While life throws at us a series of random events, some situations are similar to others. Hence, having a sharp memory allows you to recover that crucial piece of information from your mental reservoir needed to make the decision. And of the best ways to improve your recall is repetition. Repeat important names and numbers to yourself and make mental associations. Also, recap the situation with a friend or family member. This will help you remember things.

Try New Things

In stressful situations, the brain looks for a comfort zone. However, you need to train your brain to think faster by regularly doing something new. This is the science behind habit formation, i.e. you do something repetitively until new neural pathways are formed in your brain so that the act becomes automatic.

Also take up a new habit. Learn a new language or cook a new dish. This trains your mind to use and apply new information.

Read Books and Watch Movies/TV Shows

Reading books and watching movies is also a great way to think faster in new situations. This is because you are exposed to a wide variety of circumstances through these mediums that you learn to work your way out when the same happens with you.

However, remember that whether you’re reading books or picking up a new hobby, you should never overwork your brain. The brain can only consume and retain so much information in one day, so make sure that you are taking things nice and slow. Otherwise your brain will betray you when you need it the most.

Finally and most importantly, remember that random decision-making is a learning process and that you are bound to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make them, but do learn from your mistakes.