How to Make Random Decisions like Batman

In an earlier blog post on John McLane, we noted how Batman uses cutting-edge technology to make decisions and solve problems. However, this was just to draw a comparison between the NYC badge and the Caped Crusader. Using technology is, as we will shortly see, a viable way of making decisions, especially if they are of a random nature. In the following paragraphs, we will learn some cool random decision-making tips from the Dark Knight.

Why Batman?

The reason we discuss Bruce Wayne and Sherlock Holmes (the former being allegedly inspired by the latter) instead of Superman or Professor X is that they don’t have any supernatural powers. They are human beings just like us, and whatever they do is based on deliberate effort of their mind and body. In simple words, when Batman is stuck in a tough situation, he simply can’t fly away or vanish. He has to make a decision in the spur of the moment, so let’s learn how he does it so that all of us can become better random decision makers.

Always Get A Second Opinion

Bees and ants survive and thrive because they make both individual and collective decisions. Batman alone could have never saved captured Gotham’s most dangerous criminals. In some versions of the story, he has a team working with him (especially in the Justice League series). But day in and day out, Batman has his trusted butler, Alfred to offer his second opinion. Likewise, Sherlock Holmes has Dr. Watson, and John McClane always finds a random dude from a particular ethnicity to help him out.

Try Something New

We have already discussed the merits of trying out new hobbies and activities. You see, when you face an unprecedented situation, the brain tries to find familiar ground instead of fully concentrating to the new set of facts that have emerged. That is why you should expose yourself to new things all the time.

In the Dark Knight trilogy, Bruce Wayne travels the world for almost a decade, learning not only criminal tactics but also ninjutsu from the League of Shadows. All this conditioning prepares him to face new threats.

Use Technology

Along with martial arts, killer detective instincts, and Alfred, there is one thing that helps Batman fight crime (and occasionally calculate the speed of approaching meteors): technology.

His father’s estate helped to acquire all the gadgetry he could amass to become a menace for Gotham’s criminals. The lesson for us is that whenever we need to make random decisions, we can always also use technology. And we don’t have to invent a Batcave full of digital machinery. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, and there are amazing decision making apps out there that you can use.

Stick with your Decisions

Finally and most importantly, when Batman makes decisions, he sticks with them for life. These included choosing Harvey Dent over his lady love, but he stuck to his guns and bore the consequences. Luckily, you don’t have to encounter such choices on a daily basis, which should give you the necessary impetus to take speedy decisions.