Learn a Few Tricks on How to Make a Decision

When you sit in a contemplative mood, trying to make a decision the best way you know how is a challenging task. Some big decisions can make you lose your sleep. For instance, when deciding whom to marry, which career path to take and which interview to attend and which one to turn down. It is a draining process because every choice you make has consequences, and once you make a decision, it is not easy to turn back. Nonetheless, there are few tips you can use that can help you through the process, they will not make the decision on your behalf, but they will make the thinking process easier.

Distance Yourself from the Process

One trick you can use when you intend to make a decision is to distance yourself from the situation. Take a sober approach and pretend you are advising a friend. A big decision can affect your emotions and cause untold torment. Your emotions will be in turmoil because they will definitely affect your judgment, especially when making a marriage decision. Pretend that you are advising a friend on which job offer to take and which to turn down, be sure to do the debate in your head; otherwise, you will look crazy when you say it aloud. Unless you are in your house, alone. Please note that this is an imaginary friend.

Limit the Amount of Information You Get

It is important to get as much information as you can about a situation when making a decision. If you are planning to move from one state to another, you have to make a decision of the right place to go. In the process, you have an insatiable thirst for learning about the place. However, you should limit the amount of information you take in because it can ultimately affect your judgment. Too much of something is poisonous. This applies to friends; when you consult too many friends, you get conflicting information. When you have too much information, you have too many facts and opinions, which will make your process more challenging. That is why racing horses have blinkers on their eyes, to avoid unnecessary distractions, focus on the significant information to make a decision.

Lay the Facts on the Table

If you are wondering how to make a decision, you need to lay down your facts. You can try a spreadsheet that lists the pros and cons of the situation. You can include qualities and ranking in order to have a bigger picture of the situation. I know I said horses wear blinkers for a reason, which is to focus on the race and avoid distractions. However, you need to evaluate the situation with a sober mind. After analyzing the situation, you can make a decision with a settled mind. It is important to note that life is unpredictable, and sometimes the best decisions that we make do not turn out to be the best. Do not sweat it because you can always try again.