Why You Need Random Decision-Making in Your Life

At every point in your life, you have to make decisions. Some are planned, some are random. But the decisions you make have real-world repercussions, and they build you or destroy you, make you successful or a failure.

For many people, this results in decision anxiety, where they are unable to respond to a situation because of the fear of failure or because they don’t want to be judged based on their choices.

And while you may think that access to data and plenty of options are a good thing, they can actually hinder your ability to make decisions, especially at moments when you need to think fast. Think brain freeze.

That is why you need to develop the art of random decision-making. You are already making random decisions (link to the ‘Are you a Random Decision Maker…’ article). You just need to notice the patterns and develop some habits that help you make the process easier every time you need to make a decision.

Here are some tips that can help you in this regard:

Self-Imposed Deadlines

Nothing forces the mind to think more than a deadline. Ask any person working in a deadline-oriented industry (such as advertising) and she will agree. So whenever you are faced with a problem that needs an immediate solution or you need to make a fast decision, impose a 1 to 5 minute deadline on yourself. And while this is a mental deadline, it wouldn’t hurt if you have a timer of some sort so that you can actually see the clock ticking away. What this does is forces your brain to prioritize information and you only focus on what is essential. Not to mention, you are forced to think about the pros and cons of the situation, which brings us to the next point.

Leave Out the Grays

When you have more choices than you can possibly avail, you can become overwhelmed and find it difficult to make a decision. That is why in these situations, you should only think in terms of black and white. When you focus on your mental energies on the good and bad of making decisions, you will simplify the decision-making process. If you think you over-analyze things too much, this technique will come in handy.

But what of all options seem equally good?

Try the Random Decision Maker!

There are times when you need to draw lots because all options look equally viable. This is where our app comes in. You can list down up to 6 possible options, and then the app decides arbitrarily which one you should go with.

And while this may seem basic, it goes a long way in making your life easier and saving your time.

Stick With your Decisions

Finally, what happens when you are not sure of the arbitrary choice? To avoid this dilemma, you actually need to change your mindset. Successful people are not those that overanalyze the situation and make the most accurate decision, but those that stand behind their decisions. If it is wrong, they own it, but they go to all lengths to make it work. Be Brave!