Our yes or no robot has made it clear, the answer is…


Don’t do it.


The Modern Tarot’s Stoppage Slippage Signage

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You got the Stoppage Slippage Signage.

Don’t do it. Stop it right there. Don’t take a step further. That’s what the robot is trying to tell you to do, or not to do in this case.

The app is giving you a really strong “No” on this one.

Note: This card design and concept was specially designed for our tarot decision making application.

Introduction to the Yes or No Decider application

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you had to made a decision that affects your future in a tremendous way? Surely you have. The choices you may when it comes to career changes, selection of spouse/s, whether or not to have kids, whether or not to put your life savings in cryptocurrency etc, are just a few examples of those changes. Some of these choices go well while others may clearly not have been the right ones. However, there are also several choices that even with hindsight, you can’t really tell if you made the right move or not. For example, in many cases with career changes, you can’t really tell whether making the move to a new company worked out better for you then simply staying where you already were.

This is another reason why people often turn to tarot cards. The tarot reading gives them a second level of assurance if the determinations they have made are appropriate. As we always like to repeat on this site, you should never ever make big decisions based on superstitions, tarot readings, astrology or the like. Every decision should be based on fact, or as much information is available at the time. After the decision is made, the ocular path can be used simply to give yourself the mental confidence that you have done the right thing. That’s really how it should work, if you choose to use tools like these.

Put it simply – you should do what you can to make a solid and rational decision based on facts and a risk assessment before you use other methods that rely on chance.

This app is designed to give you a tarot style determination regarding the choice you are about to make or have already made. This app can give you a range of outcomes, that span the spectrum of a strong “no” to a strong “yes”. As with any Tarot reading – feel free to interpret the outcome as you wish!

Bet you didn’t know this about Tarot cards:

Tarot cards consist of two distinct decks.

  • The minor arcana: The minor arcana consists of cards with numbers and items. These are sometimes referred to as the lesser deck of cards.
  • The major arcana: The major arcana is made up of scenes and people. These cards are perfect for artists to create stunning graphics on customs designed packs. Of course, any good artist can also create stunning art with the minor deck as well.

A lot of Tarot readings are done only using the major arcana. However, many tarot readers will create permutations of both these decks by reading them upside down in addition to right side up.

A few final words for your consideration

Yes sure, we do genuinely believe in the occult and that these things do exist somewhere out there. But this app is not driven by ocular forces, so you really should try a data driven decision as a first resort. On that note, you may also like our decision making app that allows you to input multiple choices. Go ahead and give it a spin!