Our future reading robot brain thinks…


It doesn’t sound like a good idea.


New Age Tarot’s Regretful Robomary

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Oh my, it looks like you have met Regretful Robomary

She usually appears when it is not really a good idea to do something. Occasionally she has been known to be wrong though. You’d have to make the call. Think about what your guts are saying?

Robomary is a very special outcome on our yes or no randomizer application. She isn’t saying her opinion is a hard “no”. But she can be kind of pessimistic to deal with. Perhaps it’s her tainted worldview, perhaps she’s got insufficient RAM, nobody really knows.

In our version of the reinvented tarot yes or no deck, her negative view should be interpreted as a 6/10 – no.

If you are interested in learning more about tarot cards, here are a bunch of fun facts you probably didn’t know about this age-old art.

  1. These cards were likely to have been invented in the 1400s.
  2. These cards are thought to have been created in Italy
  3. Tarot designs have a very heavy medieval influence
  4. The French first used these cards for fortune-telling
  5. The Fool is the most powerful card in the deck
  6. The cards are so named after the art of Taromancy (look it up)
  7. There are 78 cards in a deck
  8. There are many different ways to read the cards and interpret their meanings
  9. Playing cards appeared many many years before Tarot cards were created
  10. Some folks claim to be able to use these cards to cast spells
  11. Other folks claim they can use these cards to do meditation
  12. And some other folks use these cards to write novels!
  13. Whether or not to shuffle cards during a reading depends on the reader
  14. The Death card in a deck does not represent Death
  15. These cards used to be painted by hand – yes I do mean the entire deck!
  16. Tarot can be considered a form of divination
  17. These cards are themselves not spiritual objects
  18. Neither are they Satanic
  19. Nor anti – any religion
  20. Tarot reading is arguable the most widely practiced form of divination
  21. There is extensive literature on the subject, especially dealing with symbolism

Obviously, Robomary didn’t appear on the tarot decks painted in the 1400s. She is our own creations. Remember these cards are originally intended only to give visual clues and cues!

When exploring the world of divination, it is important to keep an open mind. Regardless of whether you believe in sorcery or not, the fact remains that at least a sizeable group of people believe in these methods, possibly because these have worked out for them in the past. Even if they don’t really work, a skilled reader will be able to imbue hope in customers and create some sort of placebo effect for customers, by skilfully blending good counsel into readings. In many cases, responsible diviners are also good life coaches, as they present a source of hope, however unfounded in reality.