Pick a Random Snack

Picking a random snack is one of life’s small decisions which we can waste precious minutes of our day deliberating over when it will really makes little or no difference to our day. If you are having difficulty in deciding which snack to choose then listed below are a few helpful tips that might help you come to a decision more easily.

Whenever I need a way to help me decide which snack to eat, I first try and narrow down the options by thinking about how much time I have to eat, whether I want to buy something or eat something I already have in the house, whether I want something sweet or savory and whether or not I am trying to eat healthily.

Firstly you should decide whether you want something sweet or salty. If you want something sweet then you could pick a chocolate bar or a slice of cake, perhaps a bowl of cereal or a bag of candy. If you are looking for something salty then you could go for a packet of chips or a cheese sandwich.

If you are buying a snack from the store then you will have many more options to choose from. If you are choosing something which you already have in the house then the decision might be easier to make as the options will be restricted to whatever you already have in the cupboards or fridge.

When I need someone to help me decide what snack to have, I always think about how much time I have. If you don’t have much time on your hands then you might want to pick something which is already prepared. If you have a few minutes to spare then you could consider cooking something light. A couple of pieces of toast make a great snack and can also satisfy the craving for something warm and cooked without taking up much of your time. If you have some pasta in the cupboard and 10 minutes to spare then you could cook a small bowl as a relatively healthy and filling snack.

The activities that you have planned for the rest of the day could help you decide which snack you should choose to eat. If you are going to have an active day then something rich in carbohydrates will help give you the energy you need to keep you going for longer. If you are going to have a quiet and relaxing day then this won’t be as much of a concern.

If you are on a diet or are trying to eat healthily then snacks can often be the most difficult part of your day to replace. A handful of nuts will give you plenty of slow release energy and vitamins and are not too calorific. Apples and bananas will also fill you full of vitamins but will also give you a great energy burst to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

If I have been through all of these different elements and tried to narrow down the options as much as possible, but still need someone or something to help me decide which snack to pick, I whip out my random decision maker application on my phone and let it do all of the hard work for me.