Pick Between Colors to Dye My Hair

Sometimes it helps to have a long hard look at all of the clothes in your closet and work out if any of the options you have for hair colors would work well with all of your outfits. If you end up picking a color that clashes with all of your clothes then you are unlikely to be happy with the decision, even if it looks amazing against your skin tone. It could be a very costly mistake.

Remember that dying your hair is a reversible action. It might take a while and a couple more tubes of hair dye to correct a mistake but it is certainly not a decision that you will be stuck with forever if you feel that you made the wrong one. Knowing that there is a way out if you do choose the wrong decision can make you feel much better about making a decision in the first place.

If you work for a firm with a strict dress code or you are looking to apply for new jobs at different firms then you might want to consider their policies regarding hair color before making a decision. Some companies do not allow their employees to have unnatural hair colors like blue or green. This does not mean that you cannot dye your hair a color that is not natural to you; it just means that you are restricted to picking between colors that are natural for human beings in general. So if you are naturally blonde, you should be able to dye your hair brown without compromising anyone’s dress code.

Before making the decision about which color to go for, you should decide whether you want to use a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. Permanent dyes will give you a much wider range of colors as they are stronger and can therefore make more of a difference to your natural color. Semi-permanent dyes are not as strong and therefore can’t be used to make your hair lighter than it naturally is, for example. Semi-permanent dyes will wash out after 6 weeks or so; whereas permanent colors will be visible until they have grown out with your roots. If you are making a decision to dye your hair darker than its natural color, it is often a good idea to try it out with a semi-permanent dye first. If you love the color then you can have it dyed permanently, but if you don’t like it then you haven’t lost anything and you can get rid of it again much sooner.

If you have already narrowed down the selection of possible choices for your new hair color to a few different choices, then maybe it is time to let a random decision maker application choose for you. Enter all of the names of the different possible colors, press “go”, and let your device choose for you. This will save you a lot of time and deliberation!