Decision Maker

Decision making is the process of thinking of a choice that may be rational or irrational. It is the most critical activity or task that plays a vital role in the process of planning. When someone’s plans, he or she takes various decisions to achieve definite goals. Decision refers to the election of a solo … Read more

Quirky Habits of Geniuses: How Intellectuals and Scientists Randomly Induce Ideas-Part 2

Genius means thinking outside the box. We owe this world to geniuses. You are reading this article using a highly intricate digital device with the help of the internet, and these facilities would have never existed if there were no geniuses who were brave enough to follow their imagination, helping humanity in the process. And … Read more

Android Apps for Random Decision-Making

In the previous blog post, we talked about the general benefits that smartphone apps bring to our lives. Here is a brief rundown: There is a great variety of apps out there, offering everything from entertainment to productivity at work There are many apps that can be operated without Wi-Fi (perfect for making decisions at … Read more