The yes or no selection algorithm has run its course and it says…


Sounds like a bad idea


New Age Tarot’s Pike of Pestilence

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The Pike of Pestilence

The old thumbs down. You know what this means. A clear gesture of disapproval. Interpret it as you wish, but we know which side of the yes or no decision fence we are sitting on with this one. The significance of the sign can vary greatly between countries – especially between English and non-English speaking countries.

The Symbolism of the Thumb

In some cultures, the thumb represents the child. Something like the “mommy finger, daddy finger song”. In other cultures, the thumb can represent God or a teacher. When studying mudras, the significant of the thumb and what it represents can be a fascinating discussion.

The Rule of the Thumb

This term is an almost international term that means to use learned experience to make a well grounded decision. The rule of thumb for our users is that they should make all decisions on the basis of facts, and turn to sorcery and hocus pocus methods only if the decisions are insignificant (like deciding on a movie to watch or what to have for dinner). Obviously when considering concepts like the butterfly effect, it can be argued that all decisions are big decisions. But we won’t take things so far!

The Origin of the Thumbs Down

The sign we use so comfortably in day to day life actually had some pretty sinister origins. It is believed that the thumb represents a sword and the act of pointing the thumb down is actually to represent the act of plunging the sword down into a fallen foe. You guessed – this gesture is believed to have its origins in the gladiator fights of Rome.

Another less sinister version of the story, is that the gesture indicates to the winner that he should drop the sword to the ground instead of plunging it into the victim.

The Thumb in the Tarot

In an actual tarot deck, there isn’t a thumb’s down card. However, the finger is of particular concern because some readers claim that how they pick the card is as important as the card they pick. Which parts of the artwork gets covered by the thumb during the picking process may also affect the reading. Or so it is believed, at least by some practitioners.

The Thumb in Fortune Telling

Another well known type of divination is palmistry and in that art the thumb plays a significant role, as the thumb lines are used for reading. Even the type of thumb joints can influence a reading outcome. The ways fortune lines are interpreted can also change depending on whether the thumb lines are being read on the right or left thumbs.

The 2 Thumbs Down

While a single thumbs down can carry a negative meaning, strangely enough when someone shows 2 thumbs down, it is usually as a joke or as a form of sarcasm. Rarely is the perception of the gesture “doubled” when the 2 thumbs down is displayed. In most cases, the 2 thumbs down is more a show of personal displeasure than a show of actually disagreeing with an idea or proposal.