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That sounds like a great idea!


Reinvented Tarot’s Trusting Thumb

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Oh look, it’s the Trusting Thumb.

The universal sign of a good well done. Very few finger signs have a universally common meaning and the thumbs up is one of them, second probably only to the 1 finger salute. This result means that whatever it is that you are thinking of doing sounds like a reasonably good idea.

Like the rest of the art used in this application, the trusting thumb is a reinvention of the original tarot concept. This piece was designed specifically just for use in our yes no tarot decision maker.

What are tarot cards and readings?

Tarot cards are a collection of playing cards that number 78 in total. These cards use extensive symbolism that tarot card readers claim they interpret to sneak a peek into the future. Tarot card reading is an art that falls into the same bucket of belief-based practices such as reading tea or coffee leaves and/or astrology. Tarot card readers can sometimes build a cult following of repeat customers who swear by them. There are a few ways for people to get tarot card readings done:

  1. There are many tarot card readers on YouTube.
  2. There are also many tarot cards reading services on Fiverr.
  3. Of course, there are many tarot cards reading services websites online, and many of these give a basic reading for free. However, the free readings are usually automated responses.
  4. In some countries you can find brick and mortar tarot card reading services, however these are fast becoming hard to come by.
  5. If you are lucky, you may live in close proximity to a tarot card reader, but their existence is usually only known through word of mouth.

The history of tarot cards

Tarot cards have come a long way since they were first introduced to the world. On that point however, it is not entirely clear when these were first created. Rumours have it that tarot cards were first created as a game for children to tell stories around. Quite honestly however, I can’t imagine how that would have worked. Anyway, the rumours have it that the ocular purposes of these cards were rediscovered at a later time in history and since then the cards have been used for telling future. Anyway, the designs on the cards may have been reimagined by artists but the names of the cards have pretty much remained the same.

How to interpret tarot cards?

This question is difficult to answer and if you ask 100 tarot card readers this question, you will get 200 different responses. This is because tarot cards are never actually interpreted in a yes or no manner. Also, depending on whether the cards are pulled upside down or right side up the meaning of the cards can change, or so I’m told. In other words, the art of tarot card reading cannot really be taught. You either have the gift or not. Perhaps if you have the gift, it can be trained and honed. But if you don’t have the gift, you would have to get by with Barnum statements. That’s not actually a bad thing and many seers get pretty far just using Barnum statements. There are also different ways of laying cards out when doing readings. This further complicates matters. So, in a nutshell, the tarot card reader’s ability is highly dependent on the following factors:

  1. Does he or she have a natural gift for reading tarot cards?
  2. Has he or she had an opportunity to hone the skill?
  3. Was he or she able to identify the correct style of reading tarot cards that suits him or her?

However, regardless of whether you believe in these cards or not, they are an excellent topic or theme for art and illustration. Hence, artists all over the world have published some very pleasing art based on the tarot theme, that you may interested to explore.