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The most basic decision type to be made in day-to-day life is the “yes or no” decision. It can of course, take many forms such as the “proceed or not to proceed”, “to do or not to do”, “to do something now or to do something later” or if you are feeling a little artsy and sophisticated – “to be or not to be”. You get the idea, but keep in mind that at the most fundamental level many things remain a simple yes or no choice.

Note: Compared to the many yes/no button generators out there, our application differentiates itself by giving the user a tarot reading style experience (we will talk a little more about that later).

So, as we were saying, modern life has grown complex and so have the decisions we need to make on a daily basis.

When you examine it closely it may surprise you that very few day to day activities are truly binary in nature.

Let’s look at a very mundane example: In the past where you would have had to decide whether to switch of the light or not, today you have to decide what setting to turn the dimmer on to, which lights to leave on, and which to switch off and for homes that have lights with different options installed (white to warm to colored and everything in between), you would hardly have a one or the other decision to make.

In another example, when in the past you would have to decide whether to eat in or eat out, today you have to decide if you want to order something that gets delivered to your doorstep, eat at home, eat at a restaurant, or order something on a food app that you have to go and collect yourself. For some of us, we also need to decide if we are going to have that meal at all – especially if you started a loosely defined diet.

Why stop at 2? Let’s look at a third example. A long time ago, it was a simple decision whether to watch television or not. Perhaps the only complexity offered at the time was what channel to watch. But today, we have to choose between Netflix, standard programming, video on demand, streaming something off the Internet (you pirate scum), Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Sometimes (albeit ironically), the big decisions in life are still pretty much a yes or no! For example: To change a job? To get married? To have children? After all, when a boyfriend or a girlfriend proposes to a significant other, the expected answer is usually a simple yes or no, is it not?

Well, we have good news for you. Our yes no generator/decision maker/widget/button (or whatever you call it) works for almost all types of decisions you need to make!

We took all our loyal user’s needs into account when designing our app.

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Our Yes or No decision button: How does it work?

When you click on the magic button, it will return a yes or no response, in varying degrees of certainty. We designed it to give a tarot card style output that is simple to interpret. Sometimes you get a strong yes, sometimes you get a strong no and at other times you get everything in-between. However, we took care not to include too many neutral outcomes that aren’t very helpful. We want you to interpret these results yourself. Ask a question in your mind, hit the button and see what pops up. How does the accompanying image make you feel about the choice you are trying to make?

Tarot card reading is of course an art in itself, so we’ve basically we have simplified it to include images that are easier for most people to identify with.

The various “Yes” responses:

  • The runner’s gun going off is a clear GO! Look forward and don’t look back!
  • The thumb’s up is our way of saying we think you should go ahead. It sounds like a good idea.
  • A smiley face is us agreeing with you that you should go ahead. We generally think it’s a good idea and can’t think of a reason not to proceed.

The various “No” responses:

  • The stop sign is a clear NO! Stop! This is a hard block.
  • The thumb’s down is us thinking you really should not proceed with the plan.
  • The frowning face is us not liking what you are thinking of doing, but at the same time not really having a good reason for it.

Why are we using tarot style responses?

Most soothsayers do not give you straightforward answers. Our Yes No Tarot is designed to mimic that experience. If you have ever wondered how reading these cards works, you will understand why the answers you get are never clean-cut and deterministic. Most tarot card readers work with a personalized deck that they are extremely familiar with. When they do a reading, they wait for impressions or thoughts to come to them based on the images that present themselves. They do not interpret the cards based on a set of logical determinants! At the fundamental core, the tarot card itself is merely a conduit for the reader to tap into a deeper level of intuition. the more genuine card readers do not simply dress the part and light candles to set the ambiance, they are doing significant practice in meditation in order to tap into intangible levels of their spirituality more strongly. Or at least they try to. On this site, we do not judge anybody’s practices and we certainly do not judge things we don’t fully understand!

Why not offer a full tarot application?

Because our experiences tell us that our visitors are looking for direct answers. Full-on tarot readings are great and there are already many service providers who can provide reputably great horoscope readings online. We do not intend to compete against those folks. Our applications are designed to give you a fuss-free result, not a detailed analysis of what planet is doing what in relation to which other planet and why that matters. In other words, we don’t want you to have to select multiple cards, wait for results to load and finally get an answer that is not clearly a yes or a no.

Of course, with that being said, if a full tarot reading is what you are after, we are sorry to disappoint you!

Yes or no tarot cards

In case you are familiar with the actual use of tarot cards and were wondering which cards mean yes and which mean no, here is a general list of references:

These are some of the yes cards:

  • Lovers
  • Chariot
  • Temperance
  • Emperor
  • Empress
  • Star
  • World

These are some of the no cards:

  • Tower
  • Moon
  • Devil

Obviously, this list is not complete and in some cases, the visual cues these cards provide can be interpreted differently.

A few concluding words:

Now that you know how it works, you can go ahead to… WAIT! Before you use our site for any sort of decision making, it is our duty to inform you that you always have to always use your best judgment and common sense. Better yet, ask a loved one with better judgment and common sense. Especially, if you find yourself thinking about doing things that could hurt someone else, yourself, or any living things in any physical, emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, financial, or any other way – then please stop right there and seek help instead. Avoid making big life choices, any life choices, or any choices that have lasting consequences on this site. This is an entertainment site! It will never replace a rational human being.

That being said, if you are in a special kind of pickle and need to list out several options and have someone or something make a decision for you – you can always use our flagship decision maker application instead. Our legendary choice maker has been used more than 2 million times (and counting) to make all sorts of decisions. We haven’t heard any complaints either, so it must be doing something right. That or the fact that we rarely read emails nor allow comments on the site, thereby preventing any form of feedback from reaching us. Either way, our loyal users keep coming back to the gift that keeps on giving.

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