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The Modern Tarot’s Gun of Goals

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You got the Gun of Goals.

Make no mistake about it, this gun does exactly what it says on the box. It allows you to hit all your goals. Think of it like a laser guided weapon of inspiration. Keeping your key on the target and being ready to trigger your response at the right time to grab the opportunity.

On the scale of all our available outcomes, I’d reckon this is 10/10; a really strong “Yes”!

About the Yes No Decider application

This tool makes a tarot-style decision. You may be wondering what that means. To put it simply, it means that this tool does not simply give you a straight up “Yes” or “No” decision. Instead, this decision making tool will give you an answer that ranges from a strong yes to a strong no. How you interpret the response is completely up to you. It has been designed to mimic the kind of outcomes you get when you read tarot cards, with some images and words resounding more strongly with different people. If you don’t get a clear feeling about what you should be doing next, it might be a better idea to take a break and come back to this. That being said, it is almost never a good idea to completely rely on an algorithm to make big important decisions, even if it was powered by actual artificial intelligence (which the RDM app is not).

Here’s a fun fact about tarot cards in general:

Tarot cards did not start off as being used for fortune telling. In fact, they were only used as games in Europe. Specifically, they have very strong origins in Italy. However, it was in France that the card first started to be used for ocular purposes. How exactly this came about and why the tarot cards were chosen for this purpose is a bit of a mystery. But the practice of using tarot readings have grown in complexity since then. All this happened sometime in the 1780s, when people didn’t exactly write everything down, so we really don’t know. Still, it begs the question of who designed the cards in the first place. Were they really intended for use in magic, but used for games by the Italians before their true purpose was rediscovered by the French? Who drew the very first set of Tarot cards? Either way, tarot cards today play a big role when people turn to the occult for help with making decisions.

By the way in case you didn’t already realize, this card does not exist in the original version of cards or at least in the version of cards that is commonly available as the standard deck in today’s world. Instead, this design is a modern card, our very own design used in our yes or no tarot decision making application.

Here’s a quick tip about using this online decision maker:

First of all, use your common sense. If the decision you are about to make is important, don’t use this site or any other. Instead, you might really want to talk to someone else about whatever you are intending to do. It’s cool to ask for help or a third party’s opinion.

If you are sure you want to proceed with using this application, I’d suggest you try it a couple of times. Take the most common outcome then think about it. Imagine yourself going through with the choice provided by the app. If you can, think about it for a few days and let it sink in. Sometimes, we can get excited about new opportunities and pursue them out of novelty. On the other hand, we may look at some new opportunities and get turned off, because it may appear to be something we are not familiar with or understand. If time permits, its always a good idea to let emotions settle down before making a decision.